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Pro TypeScript – Second Edition

Pro TypeScript Second Edition

Explore the features of this innovative open source language in depth, from working with the type system through object-orientation to understanding the runtime and the TypeScript compiler. This fully revised and updated second edition of Steve Fenton’s popular book covers everything you need to discover this fascinating language and transform your experience of JavaScript development.

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What’s New in The Second Edition

You know how busy the TypeScript team and wider community have been making TypeScript awesome – there’s a lot of changes. I have fully updated the book with all of the changes, and completely re-written a couple of the chapters (hey, Node/Express went and changed things too!)

  • Coverage of major changes to modules, namespaces, and module loading
  • New guidance on how to use inference to reduce the effort of using TypeScript
  • Recommendations on compiler options
  • A wide range of feature updates from intersections and tuples to async/await and the new approach to mixins

The first edition was published in 2014 under ISBN 978-1-4302-6790-4 for the ebook and ISBN 978-1-4302-6791-1 for the softcover.

The second edition can be found under ISBN 978-1-4842-3249-1 for the ebook and ISBN 978-1-4842-3248-4 for the softcover. Please make sure you are getting the second edition as a lot changed in three years.

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Praise for the Second Edition

I highly recommend this book if you want to explore TypeScript or need a TypeScript reference. (Amazon Customer)

I really like this book. The examples are clear and written well. Highly recommend reading this book to get a soild understanding of TypeScript before moving into Angular development. (Amazon Customer)

Praise for the First Edition

This is perhaps one of the best books for beginners and experts alike. If you’re brand new to TypeScript you will learn everything you need by reading Pro TypeScript. The author Steve Fenton does an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals and how TS compiles down into JavaScript.

But Steve also explains specific design patterns and best practices for writing quality TypeScript code. Each chapter builds upon the last and you never feel like you’re left out to dry on your own. – What Pixel

This book not only covers the key concepts of using TypeScript but shows good descriptions of real life scenarios, something many books fail to include. Great book! – (Amazon Customer)

Found this to be really well written, examples were clear and concise and it has definitely taught me a few new tricks. – (Amazon Customer)

Really feels like I got my money’s worth. The author get straight to the point without leaving you feeling like he’s leaving anything out. Easy to follow along – truly a great read. – (Amazon Customer)

Excellent introduction to TypeScript. – (Amazon Customer)

I have read way more programming books than I can remember. This is one of the best!!
It may seem a little heady at first (ch2) , but it is on the money and very practical if you are going to get to a professional level (no pun intended) with TypeScript. The writer is very clear, very articulate and thorough (nothing left out) without making you feel like you are soaking up stuff you can’t use. – (Amazon Customer)

Questions and Comments

I’m a real person sat at the other end of the cable. I try to respond to as many messages as I can, but I’m not Ringo Starr. Please contact me if you have questions or comments.

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