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TypeScript SuccinctlyThe Odford English DictionaryThe Mag: The Early YearsThe Reason Your Website Sucks

TypeScript Succinctly

“…it’s free, well written, does not waffle on (unlike myself) and gets you started with TypeScript fast” – Ryan O’Neill


“The book doesn’t pretend to make you a TypeScript guru but its a great introduction if you want seriously mastering it.” – Corrado

The Reason Your Website Sucks

“I wouldn’t put myself in the category of web developer or designer I just run a couple of websites for myself and other people. I found this book very informative and easy to read, there is no technical jargon, just explanations of common problems and how to solve them. It mostly highlighted (apparently common) mistakes I’d made with my websites and allowed me to correct them. I’d recommend this book to anyone who owns a website, it doesn’t take too long to read so there really are no excuses.” – Online Review (Amazon)

The Reason Your Website Sucks – Practical advice for website owners, has been published as a paperback and also as a digital download. Contains exclusive illustrations by artist Gill Gregory as well as a ton of useful information for website owners.

The Odford English Dictionary

The Odford English Dictionary finally makes it to print in this long-awaited paperback book.

So here it is, a collection from the “New Meanings” section of The Odford English Dictionary. A hand-picked list of around 500 of the best entries, presented to you neatly arranged into several categories by skilled capuchins, edited by the tea boy and accidentally leaked to the public on a series of disks left in the back of a taxi.