Pro TypeScript: Second Edition Web Operations Dashboards, Monitoring, and Alerting Exploring Octopus Deploy The Humans Are Dead Cranked

Notes on Publications

I have written a few books, but the images above show my active book projects, Pro TypeScript (Second Edition), Web Ops Dashboards (Monitoring, Alerting, etc), Exploring Octopus Deploy, The Humans are Dead, and Cranked.

Please note that Pro TypeScript (Second Edition) is my prime book on the TypeScript language. My older TypeScript books are quite dated now. I wrote TypeScript for JavaScript Programmers in October 2012, TypeScript for C# Programmers in July 2013, and TypeScript Succinctly in June 2013.

The first edition of Pro TypeScript, which took eight months to write, replaced all of these mini-book projects for me. The second edition of Pro TypeScript (January 2018) contains so many updates I can’t rightly recommend any of the older books.

If you have any questions about my active titles, please get in touch.