Infinite Scroller Summary

The jQuery Infinite Scroller is a plugin that keeps adding content to a scrollable area as your website visitor nears the end of the content.

In this demo, I keep adding the same articles - but behind the scenes the plugin requests page 1, then page 2 and so on.


You can start with existing content. Start scrolling and as you near the end of the current content, more will be added.


The id that will be applied to the inner scroll container.
The full web address a page that provides more articles, which must be on the same domain (otherwise you'll hit cross-site-scripting issues). Add the #MODIFIER# place holder, which wil be replaced with the page number being requested.
The page number to start from, your paging logic will normally require that you start with either 0 or 1.
The desired width of the scroll area (or just set it using CSS).
The desired height of the scroll area (or just set it using CSS).
Set to "auto" by default, set this to "hidden" if you want to use your own scrolling logic instead of the browser scrollbars.
The higher you set this number, the earlier more results will be retrieved. Use this to optimise the scrolling experience.