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Free up Windows Update disk space

If you are regularly updating your servers, you may notice that after re-starting the disk space is not actually given back (i.e. the temporary files downloaded for the update remain). This is because the files are typically still needed during the first re-start as the installation completes as part of this process. The simple fix […]

Poking around services using commands

Important Note! These commands for Windows Services work if you run Command Prompt as Administrator. List all services SC QUERY state=all > “C:\Temp\Services.txt” This will drop a text file (because you’re likely to have more information than your command buffer) into the temp folder for your perusal. Start / stop a service Start a service… […]

Intermittent replication issue – Distribution agent failed to create temporary files

This will seem like a strange issue, because everything will work perfectly well for a period of time – but then it will all go wrong and you’ll get an error such as: Error messages: The distribution agent failed to create temporary files in ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\COM’ directory. System returned errorcode 5. (Source: MSSQL_REPL, […]