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PowerToys and WinGet are exciting previews for Windows Users. If you are a civilian, you’ll be getting these in general release soon, but for technical folks might want to try things out early. Or now! PowerToys PowerToys has been in preview for a while. You’ll install it when someone shows off FancyZones, which gives you […]

Secure Octopus Deploy with an auto-updating Let’s Encrypt certificate

Octopus Deploy has a web portal that runs a self-hosted website on whatever port you specify. You can even have Octopus generate a self-signed certificate in order to use HTTPS when browsing the web portal… but if you connect other application that are strictly validating certificates, they won’t be too pleased with self-signed certificates. Purchasing […]

Log phishing attack

n an error log or HTTP log phising attack, a deliberately bad request is generated with a fake referer string. The hope is that the referer string will be displayed in your cool web-based log aggregation and monitoring service as a hyperlink – tempting operations teams to click on the link as it might explain […]

Using Log Parser Studio to find common 500 errors

The following Log Parser Studio query will find common erroring URLs. You could adapt this to find common addresses for other status codes too. SELECT TOP 20 cs-uri-stem, COUNT(*) AS Total, MAX(time-taken) AS MaxTime, AVG(time-taken) AS AvgTime FROM ‘[LOGFILEPATH]’ WHERE date > SUB(TO_LOCALTIME(SYSTEM_TIMESTAMP()), TIMESTAMP(‘0000-01-02 00:00’, ‘yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm’)) AND sc-status = ‘500’ GROUP BY cs-uri-stem ORDER […]

Free up Windows Update disk space

If you are regularly updating your servers, you may notice that after re-starting the disk space is not actually given back (i.e. the temporary files downloaded for the update remain). This is because the files are typically still needed during the first re-start as the installation completes as part of this process. The simple fix […]