Visual Studio Layout and Option Changes

Inspired by the short video by Mads Kristensen (part of a series conceived by Microsoft’s Misty Madonna)… I was inspired to update my Visual Studio layout for the first time in over ten years. What?! Ten years? Yes, for ten years I have installed Visual Studio, selected “Dark Theme”, and used it without adjustments. ThisContinue reading “Visual Studio Layout and Option Changes”

Visual Studio Code IntelliCode Extension Preview

IntelliCode brings AI-assisted power-ups to your auto-completion. It has been in preview within Visual Studio for some time (you can read about Visual Studio IntelliCode here) – but it has now landed in Visual Studio Code, which is exceptionally handy if you’re a TypeScript programmer like me. So what is IntelliCode? It’s a simple VSCodeContinue reading “Visual Studio Code IntelliCode Extension Preview”

Exclude Files from the Visual Studio Code File Explorer

This is a quick note with an updated version on how to exclude files from the Visual Studio Code file explorer. I originally wrote about this in 2015 before the UI was as polished as it is now. I have also found I get asked about this a great deal due to conflicting information IContinue reading “Exclude Files from the Visual Studio Code File Explorer”

SpecFlow Living Documentation VSTS Extension

SpecFlow is the defacto BDD tool for .NET programmers – and if you are using both SpecFlow and Visual Studio Team Services then this article is for you. There is a new VSTS extension called SpecFlow+LivingDoc that provides a simple build task that will generate documentation from your feature files. Here is a quick run-downContinue reading “SpecFlow Living Documentation VSTS Extension”

Update Work Items with Build Number During vNext Builds

In the days of XAML Builds in TFS, the build would rather handily update the work item with the appropriate “Integration Build” value… so you knew which release would include your fix. Happy days. Along came vNext builds in TFS / Visual Studio Online / Visual Studio Team Services, which solved all of the painContinue reading “Update Work Items with Build Number During vNext Builds”

Open Visual Studio With Source Control Explorer Open

If you find yourself constantly opening Source Control Explorer, you may want to use this handy shortcut to opening Visual Studio with the Source Control Explorer open, instead of the Start Page. Open the properties for your Visual Studio shortcut and change this: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe” And change it by adding theContinue reading “Open Visual Studio With Source Control Explorer Open”

Custom States Break Population of Work Item Closed Date

UPDATE: Derrick Fu, the VSTS Program Manager has sent a quick update and it looks like this one is on the radar for the VSTS team: “This is a known issue when transitioning from a custom state to Closed. We have plans to address this with our next iteration of states customization. You can keepContinue reading “Custom States Break Population of Work Item Closed Date”

Combining VSTS Work Item States and Alerts

Visual Studio Team Services recently got custom states for work items. The simplest way to use this new feature is to create a custom state for each column on your Kanban board (previously, tasks had to be “Committed” all the way through the board). This feature makes it even easier to set up custom alertsContinue reading “Combining VSTS Work Item States and Alerts”