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Visual Studio Layout and Option Changes

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Inspired by the short video by Mads Kristensen (part of a series conceived by Microsoft’s Misty Madonna)… I was inspired to update my Visual Studio layout for the first time in over ten years. What?! Ten years? Yes, for ten years I have installed Visual Studio, selected “Dark Theme”, and used it without adjustments. This […]


Visual Studio IntelliCode

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I have been writing C# code in Visual Studio since 2003. One of the big attractions of C# is the tooling. Visual Studio is awesome. Over the years I have worked in lots of IDEs and editors, but my go-to tools are Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. I don’t know who writes these tools, […]


Combining VSTS Work Item States and Alerts

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Visual Studio Team Services recently got custom states for work items. The simplest way to use this new feature is to create a custom state for each column on your Kanban board (previously, tasks had to be “Committed” all the way through the board). This feature makes it even easier to set up custom alerts […]