The Magical Number Of Misunderstandings

I am seeing the magical number seven, plus or minus two, being misapplied to team sizes with increasing regularity. The frequent use of George Miller’s famous paper is often accompanied by a common misunderstanding. Lots of people are saying; “Your team should be between 5 and 9 people”, or “Teams should contain 7 people, plusContinue reading “The Magical Number Of Misunderstandings”

Open Source Contribution Graph And Competitive Eating

A lot of people have been bragging about their GitHub contributions and sharing their “sea-of-green” activity charts on the line, but what is the ideal activity chart? All green? All dark-green? Here is my humble GitHub activity; a scattering of occasional contributions. Many might be ashamed of such a humble activity report – but notContinue reading “Open Source Contribution Graph And Competitive Eating”

Understanding The Hierarchy Of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, along with the famous pyramid diagram that so often accompanies it, is often misunderstood thanks to a superficial understanding of what it really means. The traditional diagram usually takes the form of the sketch above (although it has been embellished in many ways) – a stack of five classes of needsContinue reading “Understanding The Hierarchy Of Needs”