On Being an Introverted Extrovert

There is a general pop-psychology perception that people have a personality type. This has been embedded into the collective mindset over the years thanks to companies using psychometric testing, DISC models, Myers-Briggs types, and Belbin tests to categorise and manage these different personality types. I have been subjected to many of these tests over theContinue reading “On Being an Introverted Extrovert”

Short Term Measurement Error

This is a counter warning to my article on magical numbers. Magical Numbers are a useful abstraction – a way of measuring less without learning less. Without finding these numbers, you end up investing too much in collecting detailed measurements that make the real story hard to fathom, but Magical Numbers allow you to collectContinue reading “Short Term Measurement Error”

The Search For A Self

Most humans have a feeling that we have a certain amount of self-direction. The thought that we are simply a combination of DNA passed to us from our ancestors (nature) with a sprinkle of experiences (nurture), which combine to give us predictable responses to stimulation seems alien. Yet the wealth of experiments conducted by behaviouristsContinue reading “The Search For A Self”

Mind First, Language Second

I don’t know if other industries experience this, but in software development it appears to be getting increasingly common. Pick a word or phrase, perform an in-depth critique of the word explaining why it shouldn’t be used, and attempt to coin a new phrase (over which you can be the creater and arbiter of allContinue reading “Mind First, Language Second”

The Mainstream Effect

The mainstream effect describes a level of popularity that a given technique may gain, which causes the general knowledge of it to become dangerously superficial. When it exists in a small niche, amongst a dedicated community of practitioners, the technique proves to be highly effective. The technique is passed on from person to person inContinue reading “The Mainstream Effect”