The Specified Directory Service Attribute or Value Does Not Exist

“The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist” If you’ve come across this problem while trying to use Active Directory, you may well be dancing the double-hop. This issue can occur when you switch on “Integrated Windows Authentication” in IIS and then try to get some information from Active Directory for the logged-inContinue reading “The Specified Directory Service Attribute or Value Does Not Exist”

JavaScript and Noisy HTML

I was answering a question on a popular coding forum and it once again highlighted the age old problem of terribly bad JavaScript. This was the HTML code in question: <a id=”image1″ href=”#”><img src=”image.png”></a> And there was a bit of JavaScript adding an onclick event to the anchor tag. An innocent looking example. An anchorContinue reading “JavaScript and Noisy HTML”

Microsoft Expression Super Compare

Revised, July 2014. I have no idea what became of this product – I think it got rolled into a premium version of the Expression suite, but can’t find any references to it. Original article below… Microsoft have just released a really cool new tool for comparing websites in different versions of the Internet ExplorerContinue reading “Microsoft Expression Super Compare”