HTML5 Forms Special Input Elements

Continuing my thread of HTML5 form goodies, this article concentrates on some new input elements. In particular, we are going to look at email, web address, search and colour inputs. Email The email input is useful for several reasons. Firstly, the browser can take care of validating that the input is a valid email address.Continue reading “HTML5 Forms Special Input Elements”

Using NCover with MSBuild to Get Reports and Trends

A while ago I wrote an article about how to get HTML Reports generated automatically by NCover as part of an MSBuild task. In this article, I extend the example in order to get trend reporting. In order to get trend reporting, you must specify a CoverageFile in your NCover task, and also an AppendTrendToContinue reading “Using NCover with MSBuild to Get Reports and Trends”

HTML and XHTML Boolean Attributes

Boolean attributes in HTML are normally used to indicate things like whether a checkbox is checked or whether an option is selected or whether an input is disabled. I have seen several implementations of HTML boolean attributes over the years. Initially you just added the relevant word to the element to symbolise that it wasContinue reading “HTML and XHTML Boolean Attributes”

ASP NET MVC Post/Redirect/Get Pattern

This is just a quick article to hopefully dispel some common misunderstandings of the ASP.NET MVC Post/Redirect/Get Pattern. First up, a quick explanation of what the Post/Redirect/Get (or PRG) Pattern is for those who don’t know. The Problem With A POST The common problem is that if you submit a form, you end up onContinue reading “ASP NET MVC Post/Redirect/Get Pattern”

Find the Process Id for an Application Pool

If you have lots of web applications running under lots of different application pools, you might want to find out the particular W3WorkerProcess of one of these application pools. This is usually when you want to start a remote-debugging session against a particular application pool. The great news is, you can find out the informationContinue reading “Find the Process Id for an Application Pool”