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Adding a sitemap to Jekyll

You don’t really need a plugin to add a sitemap to your Jekyll site. You can use this basic template and extend as required. To give you control over whether a page appears in the sitemap, I’ve used an additional header in the front-yaml on each page. You can see below the additional date and […]

Running Jekyll on Windows

There are three parts to this quick start on running Jekyll on Windows. This assumes you pulled an existing Jekyll repo and want to run it locally. If you want to create something new, there’s a command for that, which you can run at the end of the install process before you serve the site […]

Defer YouTube Videos

This is just a quick note on an adaptation of a great idea from Go Make Things (a site FILLED with great stuff, by the way). This defers loading all the YouTube stuff (the iframe and all it’s assets) until the user clicks to play it – basically avoiding loading the assets unless the user […]

Upload all files in a folder to FTP

This is the second old-school post this week. Hey, I’m clearing the decks of some odd stuff that I had to do. Today, it’s uploading all files in a folder (but not sub-folders) to FTP, if they have been updated in the past 24 hours. There’s not much to explain here. It’s a simple System.Net.WebClient […]

SQL Filestream thoughts

In a previous life, I used FILESTREAM to store images for product listings in a multi-tenant SaaS platform running about 1,000 websites. The sites listed “in stock” items along with a bunch of images showing pictures of the item to show all the features and any wear and tear. At the time we were running […]

Extreme Programming practices

I created this Extreme Programming practices diagram to try and represented Kent Beck’s hand-sketched diagram as honestly as possible with a bit more structure. Hopefully this is a useful version that can help you visualise all the interactions between practices that were observed by Kent, which he wrote about in Extreme Programming Explained (definitely worth […]

Title case text with MySql

I needed to update a WordPress taxonomy on a site with thousands of categories and tags. This is not a task for a human, so I created a bit of a gnarly SQL script to update the MySql table. As you can see from the script, it has limitations! Specifically, if you need it to […]