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Who Deleted Rows from SQL Server

Want to know who deleted rows from your SQL database? The script below joins up delete transactions with users in order to find out who just deleted something. Because this comes from the transaction log, you’ll only find stuff that is still available in there. This means it will be affected by retention/recovery modes. If […]

SQL Availability Groups: Find the Primary Server

Here is a quick SQL script that will get back information on SQL availability groups, including the role of each server. This can help you find the primary server in an availability group. IF SERVERPROPERTY (‘IsHadrEnabled’) = 1 BEGIN SELECT AS AvailabilityGroupName, ReplicaClusterStates.replica_server_name as ServerName, ReplicaStates.role_desc as ReplicaRole, Listeners.dns_name as DnsName FROM sys.availability_groups_cluster AS […]

When you perform a SQL bulk update, you can just press go and wait. Most humans, though, get an increasing feeling of impending doom when the clock ticks up towards several hours with no visible progress. If you are running a transaction and have other things competing for the table, you’ll start hearing about slow […]