The #NoEstimates Debate Distraction

The #NoEstimates debate seems unavoidable, but I’m worried that we’re all being distracted by it. Neil Killick has written some quality articles on #NoEstimates and I thoroughly recommend that you read them as there are some interesting thoughts on removing estimates, ditching velocity and delivering some actual value. “#NoEstimates is not about ditching estimates. ItContinue reading “The #NoEstimates Debate Distraction”

Standardisation is the Enemy of Success

There is a pattern evident in business that is clearly destructive, yet keeps on repeating. It starts with a group of people doing something good, but ends in wasteful practices. For example, some people on an administration team find that a check-list massively reduces their errors and re-work and essentially makes their customers happy. TheyContinue reading “Standardisation is the Enemy of Success”

How Much do you Want to Spend on Estimates

So the Royal Baby® had everyone running sweepstakes on baby weight and gender and there was a ton of guessing. Weight guesses ranged from six pounds eleven ounces to eight pounds four ounces with many kinds of logic being explained about why the numbers were selected. There were some incredibly convincing statements about how theContinue reading “How Much do you Want to Spend on Estimates”