Refactoring Your Program And Changing Your Oil

Technical teams are often guilty of asking the customer to make a technical decision. As Kent Beck said in respect of Extreme Programming;  technical people should make the technical decisions and business people should make the business decisions. Very often, people think that  this is a territorial statement that says “stay away from my decision”, Continue reading “Refactoring Your Program And Changing Your Oil”

The Many Manifestations of Yak Shaving

In Cranked: a lean and agile software development method, I wrote about an extended definition of Yak Shaving and thought I’d share some of the thinking behind it here. The original definition of Yak Shaving covered the common experience of finding yourself performing a task on tangentially related to an original purpose. Zed Shaw providesContinue reading “The Many Manifestations of Yak Shaving”

Additional Specification By Example Benefits

We have been using Specification by Example for some time (as a part of our Cranked process). There are some immediate obvious benefits to using Specification by Example that are well known such as: Improved communication between business and technical people, elimination of vague and ambiguous requirements, laser-guided features based on executable versions of theContinue reading “Additional Specification By Example Benefits”

Limit Work In Progress and Actually Deliver

There are so many metaphors that can help to explain this theory and I have used a good number of them – from CPU context switching to balancing limited power between two railways and beyond. Today, I’ve settled on filling up water containers. I’ll make this really simple up front. The water containers are projects.Continue reading “Limit Work In Progress and Actually Deliver”