Software Development Method Adoption

There are an increasing number of articles appearing about how a software development method that has gained significant traction may be dangerous… “Scrum didn’t work for us” or “Lean Start Up nearly killed us” – or many other dramatic examples. So how did we get here? Agile was a special little niche for a whileContinue reading “Software Development Method Adoption”

Communication Is The Organisational Cardiovascular System

I read a statement that said communication is oxygen to a company. I could see the intention of the metaphor, but I don’t think it was quite right. Communication is more like the cardiovascular system of the organisation. Here are my reasons for this adjustment. A good cardiovascular circulates read and white blood cells, plasma,Continue reading “Communication Is The Organisational Cardiovascular System”

The Magical Number Of Misunderstandings

I am seeing the magical number seven, plus or minus two, being misapplied to team sizes with increasing regularity. The frequent use of George Miller’s famous paper is often accompanied by a common misunderstanding. Lots of people are saying; “Your team should be between 5 and 9 people”, or “Teams should contain 7 people, plusContinue reading “The Magical Number Of Misunderstandings”

Paradigm Shifts In Software Development

If you think the term “agile” has been misappropriated in the software development industry, spare a thought for Thomas Kuhn who created and subsequently lost control of the term Paradigm Shift. Kuhn popularised the term in his science history essential The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962) to describe how one science restructures in the wakeContinue reading “Paradigm Shifts In Software Development”