Your Agile Process is not a Template

I spend a reasonable amount of time on discussion groups talking about agile process. Nothing will make you think more about the Agile manifesto and the twelve principles of Agile better than being presented with problems and contexts that you haven’t encountered first hand. I have encountered my fair share of issues, problems and painsContinue reading “Your Agile Process is not a Template”

Solve Role Confusion with Group Role Visualisation Technique

I talk to a lot of teams and role confusion is common. If you haven’t come across role confusion (lucky you) or have, but didn’t know it had a name (unlucky you), Role Confusion is where people aren’t sure where responsibility lies because there is a lack of clarity or context. You can tell whenContinue reading “Solve Role Confusion with Group Role Visualisation Technique”

Programmer Anarchy Opinion Piece

Programmer Anarchy, a term coined by Fred George, has been described in many different ways including “post-agile” amongst other giddy and gushing terms. I just wanted to clear up a little about what it is, what is new, what isn’t and where I think it is headed. Firstly, one lesson that definitely hasn’t been learnedContinue reading “Programmer Anarchy Opinion Piece”

Estimating With Time and Relative Sizes

If you are estimating work, the chances are that you are on a gradual philosophical journey that starts with time-based estimates. Estimating how many hours, days, weeks and months a task will take is what I like to call “novice estimating”. Almost everyone knows how long these units of measurement are, which makes them veryContinue reading “Estimating With Time and Relative Sizes”