Steve Fenton


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This is just a quick note about some new features in Microsoft Teams. The wrapper feature is part of Microsoft Viva and is called “Insights”. Once you add it, you’ll have a new tab in Teams that has a few tools to boost your life. There are tools to track your emotional awareness, which keeps […]

The Universal Truth of Collections

The BBC has been running a series called Secrets of the Museum, which features a behind the scenes look at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The longer I watched this fascinating show, the more it revealed one of the universal truths of humanity; it’s propensity to collect things and it’s inability to limit […]

Budgets Not Estimates

This is an early view over a process we are experimenting with in my organisation; budgets not estimates. It represents a re-ordering of components in the planning process that generates more options and reduces single-option big bets. There are lots of different terms for how people plan software, but very often it involves someone turning […]

Sociable Pomodoro Timer

When you are using The Pomodoro Technique® there is always a bit of a choice to make about your timer. I started out with a proper mechanical Tomato timer, I tried a phone app for Pomodoro, and I tried just the standard clock app. The mechanical timer had a couple of benefits… one of the […]