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The phrase ‘right-to-left’ is pretty well embedded in software development teams. There are some great works on Kanban and flow that discuss it in detail. Mike Burrows has a great book that is even called ‘Right to Left’. This article doesn’t replace or repeat all that good stuff, it’s just an example of right-to-left based […]

The Productivity Offset Law

Justin Etzine had a thought about Engineer’s Lunch Law, which he described in the following terms. I have a theory. Call it: Engineer’s Lunch Law. If you get lunch at 11 instead of noon, you can enjoy an hour of uninterrupted productivity from 12-1. – Justin Etzine via Twitter Etzine’s Law There is something about […]

If we were honest with ourselves about the number of hours we might have left to live and the amount of stuff we would like to get done, we’d have to admit that it isn’t all going to get done. Even based on our more optimistic estimates of longevity, it’s not going to get done; […]

This is just a quick note about some new features in Microsoft Teams. The wrapper feature is part of Microsoft Viva and is called “Insights”. Once you add it, you’ll have a new tab in Teams that has a few tools to boost your life. There are tools to track your emotional awareness, which keeps […]

The Universal Truth of Collections

The BBC has been running a series called Secrets of the Museum, which features a behind the scenes look at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The longer I watched this fascinating show, the more it revealed one of the universal truths of humanity; it’s propensity to collect things and it’s inability to limit […]

Budgets not Estimates

This is an early view over a process we are experimenting with in my organisation; budgets not estimates. It represents a re-ordering of components in the planning process that generates more options and reduces single-option big bets. There are lots of different terms for how people plan software, but very often it involves someone turning […]