Pie Charts

The Latest Shameful Pie Chart

The latest in what is threatening to become a series of insidious examples of pie charts in a real special pie chart. This one was spotted by Mr R Lambert of Winchester. Even if you were a fan of pie charts you would have to admit that there are massive problems here. For starters, those […]

Continued Pie Chart Hatred

You might have heard me mention that pie charts are bad and should never be used and you may have read my article explaining why you should never use pie charts. Well, every now and then a really good example pops up to illustrate exactly why you shouldn’t waste time on those little circular devils, […]

Pie Charts Are Bad

Since 1801, pie charts having been displaying information and statistics about everything from population to profit, market share to margins and, presumably, the most popular pastry-encased dinners. Pie charts are as popular in the statistics world as their namesakes are in the culinary world – but there are some convincing reasons to avoid using them […]