Pie Charts

Did I Ever Mention Pie Charts

It has been a while hasn’t it. However, it is sometimes a good thing to remind ourselves of why pie charts are best avoided. This particular example came from a great blog post. The chart describes version adoption for a particular piece of software. Despite the pie chart not following any of the best practices […]

Can Labels Save Pie Charts

I recently received this interesting question through the contact form. I always relish an opportunity to challenge my assumptions and opinions on pie charts – even though I appear to be a bit of a zealot. One day, I may even be convinced that I am wrong. Here’s the question: “It seems to me that […]

Lloyds Show Off Leggera Charts

I haven’t mentioned pie charts for a while, but Lloyds Bank have plastered this advert everywhere with their CD-shaped (or Leggera style) pie chart and it is worth pointing out how rubbish it is. Even if it wasn’t a true fact that pie charts are never the right chart to display your data, they haven’t […]

Response To Pie Chart Comment

I received a message from Kester Takayama, which was a well written note in defence of the pie chart. Kester correctly notes that adding the third-place party to the first-place or second-place party doesn’t in itself create a government because they still may not have an overall majority. He also correctly pointed out that while […]

Even Worse Than A Pie Chart

How long has it been since I last spotted a rubbish pie chart. Okay, I admit it – it was last month. It is actually quite easy to spot them because actually all pie charts are awful. So why is this one so bad? Simple. A two-dimensional pie chart has been proven to be hard […]

Column Charts Can Lie Too

My views on pie charts are well known, but that isn’t to say that all other charts are good. The problem with pie charts is that they make it hard to understand information, but with many other charts, the problem is how people use sneaky tricks to deceive you. Whether it is a strange use […]

British Pie Week

From 5th to 11th March 2012, it’s British Pie Week. While I am a keen supporter of British Pies, especially the Apply Pie my Wife makes, this week serves as a timely reminder on how data is the worst ingredient for a pie. On the same day that British Pie Week launched, I happened upon […]