Common Sense Rules for UK Cookie Law

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer… get legal advice if you need it. Back in January I penned a rather annoyed article about the ridiculous EU cookie law, which required website owners to get permission before storing non-essential cookies. I also implemented the letter of law on my own website, albeit rather sarcastically by asking whetherContinue reading “Common Sense Rules for UK Cookie Law”

Swinging the Balance in Favour of What You Know

We have all heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. It seems to have came about in 1914 in “The Electrical Worker” and has become more and more common ever since. Quite often, this statement is made in frustration by people who feel that their skills or knowledge are being overlookedContinue reading “Swinging the Balance in Favour of What You Know”

Automatic Deep Focal Range Photography

If you own a digital SLR camera, you have probably heard of High Dynamic Range photography, which is where you combine several photographs taken with different apertures to create a single picture with high detail in all of the light and dark areas. Here is an example of HDR in action – normally, you wouldContinue reading “Automatic Deep Focal Range Photography”

Stop Passing Laws About Things You Dont Understand

With all the fuss over SOPA and PIPA recently, I had almost forgotten the ridiculous law passed by the EU in respect of cookies, and “other similar technologies” such as local storage. Cookies are used by websites for many reasons. Most commonly, they are used by statistics applications to make sure they only count aContinue reading “Stop Passing Laws About Things You Dont Understand”