The Immune Response to Infections in the Corporate Body

When your body detects an infection, it will kick off an immune response that fights the infection with white blood cells (macrophages). If this doesn’t solve the problem, your body upgrades the response to white blood cells called T and B lymphocytes. Interestingly, there are two jobs undertaken by these two kinds of white bloodContinue reading “The Immune Response to Infections in the Corporate Body”

Tool Decision Approval Process

Choosing tools and technology can be a formal process that locks you into your choices, or a chaotic process where nobody knows what the choices are. The correct way to document a decision is to supply just enough information to explain why the choice was made at this point in time, what alternatives were considered,Continue reading “Tool Decision Approval Process”

Disband the Committee and Break Established Rules

When you have a tough design choice to make, it is common for the ideas to be bounced around within an informal committee. This causes a premature convergent stage in the design, where each committee member adds to the shopping list of requirements, or to the banned list of what cannot be done. Good userContinue reading “Disband the Committee and Break Established Rules”

Consider Avoiding TypeScript Type Definitions

Firstly, when you need a type definition for a JavaScript library that you want full type information for, there is Definitely Typed. But before you grab a type definition, let’s stop and think for a minute. TypeScript does indeed bring you lots of benefits in terms of type checking, and editor features such as auto-completionContinue reading “Consider Avoiding TypeScript Type Definitions”