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Should I migrate to Hey for e-mail?

Having signed up the wait list for Hey, I received my invite and subsequently undertook a two-week trial. What happened next has changed how I interact with email forever. Although I may be repeating information that is already out there, I’m going to focus on a small number of features that let you change your […]

The Lockdown Effect

As some countries around the world lift restrictions following COVID-19 lockdowns, we can start to see the effects the lockdown will have on different companies and industries. From the data I have seen so far, the lockdown effect seems to divide organisations into three broad categories: winners, losers, and recoverees. Let’s look at what this […]

Tragic Competition

Tragic Competition occurs when the service fragments between many service providers, and each charges a similar subscription. For example, you can currently subscribe to a music service provider who will give you “all music” for $10/month… imagine if this was replaced with multiple partial offerings at the same cost, for example each record label offering […]

Symmetrical Professional Behaviour

I started to write this from a leadership perspective, but soon realised that this is a general principle that applies at all levels within an organisation. It’s a principle I’m going to call symmetrical professional behaviour. It works like this… whatever formal or informal contracts you use to interact with other people, it needs to […]