The Definitive Decadic Reference: Gifting Back the New Decade

As we entered 2020, you will have no doubt heard people celebrating the new decade. Just as certainly, you will have heard those declaring that this is not the start of a decade, because we have to wait until 2021. In this post, I rebut this tiresome pseudo-intellectual peacocking and gift back to the humbleContinue reading “The Definitive Decadic Reference: Gifting Back the New Decade”

Symmetrical Professional Behaviour

I started to write this from a leadership perspective, but soon realised that this is a general principle that applies at all levels within an organisation. It’s a principle I’m going to call symmetrical professional behaviour. It works like this… whatever formal or informal contracts you use to interact with other people, it needs toContinue reading “Symmetrical Professional Behaviour”

Tech is Only as Bad as the Non-Tech Analog

I had an interesting discussion with a very smart woman I know about tech. In particular, we talked about whether technology is inherently good, or bad. Our conclusion was that tech is only as bad as the non-tech analog for the activity you are engaging in. This is deep stuff, so let’s use some examplesContinue reading “Tech is Only as Bad as the Non-Tech Analog”

Grinders vs Growers: Millenial Falcons Fly Free

There is an emerging theme of videos and articles aimed at millennials, telling them that they need to stay in jobs longer and learn “grit and perseverance”. This is the modern equivalent of the patronising change management book “Who Moved My Cheese”, which is handed out by lazy managers when they are performing radom actsContinue reading “Grinders vs Growers: Millenial Falcons Fly Free”

Principles of Object-Oriented Living (OOL)

I thought I’d have a bit of fun applying Uncle Bob’s SOLID Principles to life. Obviously, this is a metaphor that could be stretched too far; but here are the principles of object-oriented living. If you aren’t familiar with these principles as applied to programming, you probably ought to start with Uncle Bob’s article linkedContinue reading “Principles of Object-Oriented Living (OOL)”

Compare the Comparison Market 2017

So, I occasionally share my car insurance comparison shenanigans and it’s renewal time once again. Compare the Market Once I logged in, it told me my renewal was coming up, and had automatically incremented things like “number of years you have held your license” and “number of years no claims bonus”. This was a gracefulContinue reading “Compare the Comparison Market 2017”

Look Past Your Role

I get annoyed by articles that generalise by role or job title. The inane “developers are better than programmers”, or “software engineers vs software developers”, or even “software developers can’t lead your test automation efforts”. The reason I dislike such rubbish is I work with people. When you work with people, and recognise the humanity,Continue reading “Look Past Your Role”