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Tragic Competition

Tragic Competition occurs when the service fragments between many service providers, and each charges a similar subscription. For example, you can currently subscribe to a music service provider who will give you “all music” for $10/month… imagine if this was replaced with multiple partial offerings at the same cost, for example each record label offering […]

Symmetrical Professional Behaviour

I started to write this from a leadership perspective, but soon realised that this is a general principle that applies at all levels within an organisation. It’s a principle I’m going to call symmetrical professional behaviour. It works like this… whatever formal or informal contracts you use to interact with other people, it needs to […]

Yashica Y35 digiFILM camera

I was very excited about the Yashica Y35 digiFILM Camera, which successfully funded through Kickstarter in November 2017. My last film camera before switching to a Nikon D40 was a Yashica T4 that I was given by my great-uncle. I used that camera constantly to take random pictures of rusty fire-escapes, of decaying graffiti, and […]

Compare the comparison market 2017

So, I occasionally share my car insurance comparison shenanigans and it’s renewal time once again. Compare the Market Once I logged in, it told me my renewal was coming up, and had automatically incremented things like “number of years you have held your license” and “number of years no claims bonus”. This was a graceful […]