Election 2017 Boundaries

I don’t “do politics” and I apologise that this is political – but not in the sense that I am interested in promoting the interests of any particular political party. I just want to highlight the flavour of democracy in the UK. Did you ever wonder how important the boundaries are in a general election […]

The Absent Boss Effect

You may recognise the scenario. A team that seems lethargic, low-energy, lacking communication, and delivering poor quality work can suddenly ignite into a high-energy team of awesomeness… all they need is for the boss to be on holiday, or at a conference, or in an off-site meetings – just generally not around. This is the […]

Software Developer Interviews

There is a big difference between interviewing for a Theory-X company and a Theory-Y company. The good news is that when you are looking for a Theory-Y company; you don’t need to worry about adjusting your style based on the organisation. Let’s look at the traditional Theory-X interview first. This is the one they trained […]

Filling-In the Care Gap

We all care quite a lot for the people we are close to. We also care about the grand collection of humanity. But we only really care about humanity if we can fill in the gap between these two circles. When you rage somebody off of the road, or are rude to a stranger, or […]