Calculating Coronavirus Timings with Excel

Following on from my article on working with public coronavirus data where I calculated the original peak in the UK to have been an estimated 50,000 cases per day (not the recorded 6,000 cases per day)… the most common follow up questions (aside from predictions on what will happen next) are about timings. What isContinue reading “Calculating Coronavirus Timings with Excel”

Increase Productivity by Quantifying Simpler Tasks

The full title of this article should really be “Increase Productivity by Quantifying Simple Tasks; Protect Complex Task Productivity by Not Quantifying It”. This is the result of a study by Aruna Ranganathan, co-authored by Alan Benson, that studied workers in a garment factory and I’ve added my opinion because sometimes I’m a narcissist likeContinue reading “Increase Productivity by Quantifying Simpler Tasks”

Skipping the Chasm: How a Crisis Accelerates Progress

Full credit to Geoffrey Moore, whose seminal “Crossing the Chasm” keeps proving to be a useful book thirty years after it was written. Credit also to Hans Baumhardt who introduced me to the book and who critically shaped my thinking about work and life. What I hope do, now that the credits are over, isContinue reading “Skipping the Chasm: How a Crisis Accelerates Progress”

Working With Public Coronavirus Data

The UK Government provides public datasets that can be used by the media or the public. One such dataset contains information collected for the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on people living and working in the UK. The problem with this dataset, though, is that we weren’t able to record the data until after theContinue reading “Working With Public Coronavirus Data”

Where to Place Your Desk in Relation to Your Windows

Half-human, half-bird; the sirens lured hapless sailors to their destruction. Your window could be doing the same to you in your new WFH set up. Over the years I have been responsible for several office redesigns. The most common trigger for me to wade in and start moving furniture is the location of desks inContinue reading “Where to Place Your Desk in Relation to Your Windows”

Advertising Experiment: What are Annoying Adverts Worth

Firstly, to list of the sampling issues with this experiment would mean a near-infinite scrollbar. The intention here is not to say that “this is what you will experience”. The purpose of this article is to show that annoying adverts make more money than subtle advertising; but that you should test how much more andContinue reading “Advertising Experiment: What are Annoying Adverts Worth”

Tragic Competition

Tragic Competition occurs when the service fragments between many service providers, and each charges a similar subscription. For example, you can currently subscribe to a music service provider who will give you “all music” for $10/month… imagine if this was replaced with multiple partial offerings at the same cost, for example each record label offeringContinue reading “Tragic Competition”