Kentico Marketing Automation Finishes Without Sending an Email

I found this problem while investigating a marketing automation issue in Kentico. The problem reported was that the standard abandoned basket feature wasn’t sending the configured email. I must admit, my first checks were to ensure the SMTP configuration was correct – and that the scheduled task within Kentico was running. The actual fix wasContinue reading “Kentico Marketing Automation Finishes Without Sending an Email”

Add Page Specific Permissions in Kentico

There are times when you want to limit a user’s access to a single page, or a specific sub-tree of pages within a Kentico website. This article quickly describes how to set up page specific permissions in Kentico using roles, and page level security. Page-Only Role Head to the “Roles” application. Add a new roleContinue reading “Add Page Specific Permissions in Kentico”

WordPress Custom Query Page Size

WordPress normally takes care of queries for you. When it doesn’t, your next port of call is normally WP_Query. After that, you head into nuts-and-bolts mode with a completely custom query using get_posts. When you start taking control over queries, you may hit this common problem with page size. Here is an example of customContinue reading “WordPress Custom Query Page Size”

WordPress Social Sharing Links Without JavaScript

If you, like me, find yourself staring at the network traffic spewing out of your website you will have noticed the JavaScript problem. No matter what plugin you use, it seems to require three or four JavaScript files. Want to show a picture of a cat on your website? You’ll need jQuery, React, and Meteor.Continue reading “WordPress Social Sharing Links Without JavaScript”