Quick Proxy Settings Switcher

I switch my browser proxy settings all the time. I’m always capturing traffic in JMeter or intercepting using Burp Suite or using some other tool that requires an adjustment, so I’m in my browser settings tweaking it back and forward constantly. Proxy Selector allows you to store a number of different proxy configurations and switch […]

Firefox Responsive Mode

This is yet another article in praise of a Firefox developer tools feature. Last week I was getting excited about the 3D mode, but today I’m equally uncontrollable over the responsive mode. Once again, if you don’t have the little icon on the right hand side of the developer tools header, you can hit the […]

Firefox 3D Mode

If you haven’t checked out the native Firefox Developer Tools in a while, it is time to take another look – even if you are an avid Firebug fan. The native tools are nothing short of brilliant. The feature I’m going to highlight briefly is the 3D view. Once you get over the childish excitement […]

Your Visit Is Not Being Tracked

Over the years I have used many different statistics packages on my site. I started off with a log reader, moved onto a custom-written stats package (which was fun to build) and ended up on Google Analytics because the volume of data was just too big for me to handle myself. When I started out, […]

Firefox About URI Schema

The “about:” URI schema has been around since the days of Netscape, but there is more to it than the common “about:blank” reference for an empty page. Some of these options give you an advanced view over Firefox and its cache – and others a just a bit of entertainment. Here is a list of […]