Switch Off Rich Link Pasting in Edge

There is a cool new feature in Microsoft Edge that pastes links with rich formatting. If you copy a link from the page or from the address bar, it will paste in a rich format, so instead of seeing https://www.example.com/ you’ll see Example Website (example.com) and it will already be linked to your selected destination.Continue reading “Switch Off Rich Link Pasting in Edge”

Investigate JavaScript Execution Times Using Edge Dev Tools

This is a quick exploration of how to use Edge Dev Tools to investigate JavaScript execution time issues. We’ll quickly run a performance profile and identify what part of the JavaScript is the “most responsible” for any performance issues. The idea is to show just the quickest way to find the source of an issue,Continue reading “Investigate JavaScript Execution Times Using Edge Dev Tools”

Disable Swipe Navigation in Chrome and Edge (Chromium Edition)

There’s a feature in Google Chrome and the new Chromium version of Microsoft Edge that navigates back or forward through your browser history when you swipe. It navigates on touch interactions, and also on track-pad interaction. If you use some web-based tools that feature horizontal scrolling (such as online Kanban boards) – this becomes infuriating.Continue reading “Disable Swipe Navigation in Chrome and Edge (Chromium Edition)”

The Best Browser Extensions for Analytics and Tag Debugging

Recently, I wrote about debugging Adobe Analytics, which uses the most widely-available tools that we all have; browser developer tools. It is possible to debug and test a whole host of analytics and tag manager scenarios using the Console and Network tabs of browsers tools if you are willing to scry the query parameters ofContinue reading “The Best Browser Extensions for Analytics and Tag Debugging”

Chromium-Based Edge: The First Month

Full disclosure. I’m about to discuss Microsoft browsers and I’m a Microsoft MVP. More importantly, I’ve been using web browsers since before either Firefox or Chrome existed, and for ten years I haven’t used a Microsoft browser as my default. So, read on and let’s talk about browsers! Browser History If I go back aContinue reading “Chromium-Based Edge: The First Month”

Quick Proxy Settings Switcher

I switch my browser proxy settings all the time. I’m always capturing traffic in JMeter or intercepting using Burp Suite or using some other tool that requires an adjustment, so I’m in my browser settings tweaking it back and forward constantly. Proxy Selector allows you to store a number of different proxy configurations and switchContinue reading “Quick Proxy Settings Switcher”

Multiple Browser Testing With Selenium SuperDriver

If you have undertaken any amount of testing with Selenium WebDriver you will have come across the desire to run your suite of tests against multiple browsers simultaneously. To make this easier in .NET projects, I have started up a project called “Selenium Super Driver“,  which is a drop-in replacement for an IWebDriver. Using theContinue reading “Multiple Browser Testing With Selenium SuperDriver”

JavaScript Console Table Logging Pollyfill

There is a rather neat addition to the console in Chrome that lets you log an array of objects using the new console.table method. You can simply pass some data, or you can pass a list of columns you are interested in – like this: var items = [ { name: ‘Martin’, occupation: ‘Street Fighter’Continue reading “JavaScript Console Table Logging Pollyfill”