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Switch off rich link pasting in Edge

There is a cool new feature in Microsoft Edge that pastes links with rich formatting. If you copy a link from the page or from the address bar, it will paste in a rich format, so instead of seeing you’ll see Example Website ( and it will already be linked to your selected destination. […]

Chromium-based Edge: The first month

Full disclosure. I’m about to discuss Microsoft browsers and I’m a Microsoft MVP. More importantly, I’ve been using web browsers since before either Firefox or Chrome existed, and for ten years I haven’t used a Microsoft browser as my default. So, read on and let’s talk about browsers! Browser history If I go back a […]

Full page screenshot in Firefox

If you are pasting multiple screenshots of a web page into a single view, you should stop that and use the Firefox “Full Page Screenshot” feature. You can enable it in the developer tools, which are available behind the F12 button: This adds a camera icon to the developer tools: And when you press it, […]

Quick proxy settings switcher

I switch my browser proxy settings all the time. I’m always capturing traffic in JMeter or intercepting using Burp Suite or using some other tool that requires an adjustment, so I’m in my browser settings tweaking it back and forward constantly. Proxy Selector allows you to store a number of different proxy configurations and switch […]