Testing Browser Form Validation with Selenium WebDriver

No sensible person is using JavaScript to perform simple form validation any more. If an input element is required, you just add a required flag. If you need to validate minimum and maximum values, there are attributes for that. If you need to check a complex pattern, you can supply an attribute for that. Essentially,Continue reading “Testing Browser Form Validation with Selenium WebDriver”

Selenium Page Object Elements

If you are using Selenium WebDriver to automate your browser testing, you will almost certainly have come across a variation of the following code. In fact, in many cases you will have found this kind of thing scattered all over the place. IWebElement nameInput = driver.FindElement(By.Id(“name”)); If you are using this to grab elements allContinue reading “Selenium Page Object Elements”

Really Useful JMeter Plugins PerfMon Metrics

If you are running JMeter tests against software running on a computer or server, the chances are you’ll be manually matching your JMeter results with a graph of CPU or Memory Usage from the server. You can make this process a whole lot easier using the PerMon Metrics Collector, which is a listener that communicatesContinue reading “Really Useful JMeter Plugins PerfMon Metrics”

Install C++ Redistributable with your WiX Installer

If you are installing something with a dependency that needs a C++ redistributable, your best bet is to make sure your installer supplies that dependency. This is pretty simple to do as there are merge modules for the C++ redistributable (and they are likely to already be on your computer…) You will find the mergeContinue reading “Install C++ Redistributable with your WiX Installer”

Getting App Settings for Config Files During WiX Based Install

WiX is great – but sometimes complex. Most of the complexity comes from needed to adjust things in many places to make a single thing work. For that reason, I feel the need to document the many steps required to do the following: Declare a property in the installer Allow the user to enter aContinue reading “Getting App Settings for Config Files During WiX Based Install”

Switching JMeter Between Integration And Load Testing

We have been re-using our JMeter integration tests as load tests, which has been a great way of discovering various slow-downs in our REST APIs (in particular, we found that a large backup process slowing down our network significantly at 1am each morning). If you are using JMeter in the same way, you may findContinue reading “Switching JMeter Between Integration And Load Testing”

Really Useful JMeter Plugins Parameterized Controller

There are lots of really useful JMeter Plugins out there but some of them are really, really useful and if you don’t know they exist you might think some things are too difficult or even impossible. Here are just a couple of scenarios you may find yourself in, which are included along with a bunchContinue reading “Really Useful JMeter Plugins Parameterized Controller”