Connect TFS Cruiser To Visual Studio Team Services

If you have used TFS Cruiser for your on-prem instance of TFS, you may wonder how to adjust it to work with Visual Studio Team Services. It is a pretty simple three-step process. Step One – Credentials You definitely don’t want to put your user name and password into the TFS Cruiser config file. Instead,Continue reading “Connect TFS Cruiser To Visual Studio Team Services”

Combinatorial And Pairwise Testing With NUnit

I discovered these features after a tip off from Jason Gorman. The CombinatorialAttribute and PairwiseAttribute in NUnit. Test Analysts will already be very familiar with combinatorial testing and pairwise testing as they are fundamental test planning techniques. The short version for those who haven’t come across them before is that: Combinatorial – test every possibleContinue reading “Combinatorial And Pairwise Testing With NUnit”

Load Stress Spike And Soak Testing

This article talks about what I like to call the “Four Ss” of performance testing. They don’t actually all begin with “S” – but if reading, writing, and arithmetic can be described as the “Three Rs”, I’m not going to constrain myself either. Quick aside: it is only really performance testing if you are measuringContinue reading “Load Stress Spike And Soak Testing”

Test Automation Philosophy

I have written previously about my general automation philosophy. The automation philosophy represents what I believe to be a universal truth of any automation if viewed from a human perspective. This article applies this truth specifically to software testing. It is easy to see that software testing provides a full spectrum of work from routineContinue reading “Test Automation Philosophy”

Multiple Browser Testing With Selenium SuperDriver

If you have undertaken any amount of testing with Selenium WebDriver you will have come across the desire to run your suite of tests against multiple browsers simultaneously. To make this easier in .NET projects, I have started up a project called “Selenium Super Driver“,  which is a drop-in replacement for an IWebDriver. Using theContinue reading “Multiple Browser Testing With Selenium SuperDriver”

Getting Started With BDD IntelliJ

Here is a quick step-by-step example of how to get started with BDD in IntelliJ. You can also follow these examples if you are using other IDEs, but some of the automatic good stuff may not happen (like auto-downloading plugins to help you edit the feature files and prompting you to import new Mavan dependencies).Continue reading “Getting Started With BDD IntelliJ”