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Simulate Real Users with JMeter

If you are setting up a JMeter test to simulate user load on your website or web application, you’ll need to follow these steps to make your tests as realistic as possible. Cache and Cookies Add a “HTTP Cookie Manager” and a “HTTP Cache Manager” to your test. Set them to clear on each iteration. […]

Reconfigure Octopus Deploy on a Cloned VM

If you clone a VM that has an existing Octopus Deploy tentacle running, you’ll find that you’ll have a problem with a thumbprint clash. All you need to do is generate a new thumprint using tentacle.exe. You can do this using a command window, or PowerShell… cd “c:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Tentacle” .\tentacle.exe new-certificate This command will […]

Octopus Deploy: Deployments are Code

In the professional software development community, we use a disciplined approach to releasing our software. This is why many of us use tools such as Octopus Deploy to manage releases and deployments. Because this post is specifically about Octopus Deploy, I will assume that you understand why a code change should flow through a continuous […]

Mind First, Language Second

I don’t know if other industries experience this, but in software development it appears to be getting increasingly common. Pick a word or phrase, perform an in-depth critique of the word explaining why it shouldn’t be used, and attempt to coin a new phrase (over which you can be the creater and arbiter of all […]

TypeSpec Compared To SpecFlow

Updated: It is no longer mandatory to enclose parameters with quotes – which makes things even more similar between C#/SpecFlow and TypeScript/TypeSpec. On with the original article… Updated: TypeScript’s decorator feature makes things even more similar! This isn’t a “framework a” vs “framework b” post. When performing BDD, if you are using C#, you’ll be […]

Custom Output From TypeSpec

In TypeSpec, events are raised during a test run that can be intercepted by a test reporter. TypeSpec has a built-in test reporter that logs a whole bunch of information to the console. It also has a test reporter for TAP output. When these options don’t offer what you need, you can write your own […]