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Uptime checker myth busting

Whether you use Pingdom, UpDn, Datadog, or some other platform to test if your website is up and running, you will need to keep in mind some common traps that are waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting. The idea behind an uptime checker is that it will visit your site frequently and report whether it managed […]

The ethics of scale

One of the tenets of automation is that while you can produce stuff faster, your mistakes will happen at the same speed. You might replace manually updating 100 files with a process that updates them all in the blink of an eye… but what if it updates more files than you intended. In developer terms, […]

Manipulating variables in JMeter

There are many reasons for manipulating variables in JMeter, especially when you are loading data from a CSV data set config element. You might want to trim a JMeter variable, or grab just a substring. In all of these cases, your existing knowledge of JavaScript can come to the rescue. Wherever you were about to […]

Most of my time is spent in technical-land, where we use tools such as Azure DevOps to manage the flow of work. There is, though, another side to our business and they love Trello. For at least part of my day, I’m looking at colourful lists of stuff that the business are pushing around in […]