Adding Multiple Lines to Descriptions in ICalendar Files

ICalendar files (or iCal files) are used to share event information. You just download the file and open it up using your preferred calendar tool and it adds the event to your calendar. This is great as it means you don’t need to copy and paste the event information into a new meeting. One issueContinue reading “Adding Multiple Lines to Descriptions in ICalendar Files”

NDepend for Beginners

NDepend is a code-quality tool that integrates with Visual Studio (2008 and 2010… and probably older versions too if you happen work in a museum). Within about 10 minutes of installing NDepend, I had already created a really handy component diagram that pointed out that one of my name-spaces was wrong. I haven’t even properlyContinue reading “NDepend for Beginners”

Mocking NHJump In Your Unit Tests

NHJump is an excellent way to jump start your NHibernate implementation, giving you instant repositories and query definitions from the word go. Here is a quick bit of information on how you can go about stubbing and mocking the NHJump repository for the purposes of Unit Testing. Please note… this is an initial draft andContinue reading “Mocking NHJump In Your Unit Tests”

Beginners Guide To JavaScript Form Validation

Update! You may want to check out some native HTML validation attributes that are way better than JavaScript validation! JavaScript form validation is a great way to hint to your users what they should be typing into your web page. It isn’t a replacement for validation on the server, as it can be bypasses incrediblyContinue reading “Beginners Guide To JavaScript Form Validation”

JavaScript What is “this” and How Do I Use It

I was asked today to explain the “this” keyword in JavaScript, so here is a quick explanation of how it works… Simply this Example <p onclick=”alert(;” id=”example”>Click On Me</p> this is a great way of getting the HTML element that started off an event. In the little snippet above, this is the paragraph. When youContinue reading “JavaScript What is “this” and How Do I Use It”

Google Deliberately Write Awful HTML

Have you had a look at the Google Search Page recently? Probably! What you might not have noticed is that (at the time of writing) Google have stuffed their home page full of what most web developers would call “awful HTML”. Here are some examples, although you can “view source” on Google to see theContinue reading “Google Deliberately Write Awful HTML”

JavaScript Constructors are Just Functions

I was recently asked a question about JavaScript constructors, which highlighted to me that this statement isn’t as well known as it ought to be: JavaScript Constructors are Just Functions! There is absolutely no difference between the two, except how you use them. It’s a bit like a pencil. In my hands it is aContinue reading “JavaScript Constructors are Just Functions”