Steve Fenton

Despite coding and writing in Visual Studio Code, the set-ups for these two activities are quite different. I’m using this post to track my writing-mode set-up and I expect to revisit it later. Although the work is very different to programming, the writing workflow used by my team is not unlike a typical software team’s […]

Check this before you buy a subscription

Everything is becoming a subscription these days. The combination of convenient smaller regular payments for customers, and a recurring revenue-base for the provider means this model feels like the magic formula all around. Whether it’s kitchen appliances from AO, razors from Harry’s, food from Hello Fresh, or a car from Cazoo – you can enjoy […]

Browser Extension: Link Reporter

I needed to grab a report that listed all hyperlinks on a web page, so I wrote a browser extension to do it for me. Get LinkReporter in the Edge store. Grab LinkReporter in the Chrome Store. How to use Link Reporter Once you’ve installed the extension: Open any web page that you want to […]

Parameter Null Checking in C#

Last month, some eagle-eyed folk spotted a change in the C# 11 pipeline. This triggered a fair bit of discussion about the new feature. In this post I’ll dig a bit into the decision and explain a bit more about the feature. What is parameter null checking? Let’s start by looking at the feature. For […]