Useful Apache Mod Rewrite Rules

I recently migrated my website to a different platform. I anticipated that this would require some redirection rules to send people to the correct content on the new website, but I failed to anticipate that number of links to legacy files (like some jQuery plugins and their static HTML example pages). As a result, I […]

State of Agile 2015

This is a brief comment on the state of agile software development in 2015. We have humped! It is no longer left-field to use XP, Scrum, or even Kanban; it is the norm. The biggest challenge┬áthis presents to us all is that in the mainstream we cannot possibly keep the message as consistent as it […]

Software Development Method Adoption

There are an increasing number of articles appearing about how a software development method that has gained significant traction may be dangerous… “Scrum didn’t work for us” or “Lean Start Up nearly killed us” – or many other dramatic examples. So how did we get here? Agile was a special little niche for a while […]