IF you can keep your curly braces when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming bugs on you, If you can write symmetrical code branches, And eliminate the duplication that they reveal; If you can remain positive in your conditions, And know when to switch to a switch, And when to eliminate branching with […]

Look Past Your Role

I get annoyed by articles that generalise by role or job title. The inane “developers are better than programmers”, or “software engineers vs software developers”, or even “software developers can’t lead your test automation efforts”. The reason I dislike such rubbish is I work with people. When you work with people, and recognise the humanity, […]

Faster Faster Faster

I was listening to someone talking about being agile and lean in software development. The conversation was very interesting, but there was an underlying theme of urgency and efficiency that I found troubling. There is nothing wrong with delivering quickly, but we should never forget that “you can only go fast if you go right” […]