Getting Started: Microsoft Edge Tools for VS Code

There’s a really neat extension for VS Code that allows you to run Microsoft Edge browser tools. You can use this in conjunction with your own project, or even as stand-alone. It uses browser automation behind the scenes, so it does depend on you having Microsoft Edge installed on your machine. You can add theContinue reading “Getting Started: Microsoft Edge Tools for VS Code”

Here Maps Scroll Wheel Temporary Fix

As my grandma used to say, “there’s only one thing worse than a scroll-linked positioning effect and that’s not being able to scroll at all”. So, with this in mind I have written a temporary fix for the issue in the latest version of HERE Maps that prevents users from scrolling past the map withContinue reading “Here Maps Scroll Wheel Temporary Fix”

Using Sibling Selectors to Style the Element Before the Match

The original question for the below answer was wanting to hide a link when a button that’s next to the link has a “selected” class. This is interesting because this requires a sibling selector, but sibling selectors in CSS are a bit funky… with a sibling selector, the target element is always _subsequent_. That meansContinue reading “Using Sibling Selectors to Style the Element Before the Match”

Calculating Coronavirus Timings with Excel

Following on from my article on working with public coronavirus data where I calculated the original peak in the UK to have been an estimated 50,000 cases per day (not the recorded 6,000 cases per day)… the most common follow up questions (aside from predictions on what will happen next) are about timings. What isContinue reading “Calculating Coronavirus Timings with Excel”

Microsoft Teams – Ask Questions with Polly

Microsoft Teams has a growing collection of apps that can be used to enhance your calls and chats. One of these is Polly, which lets you run highly configurable polls within your chats. Installing Polly To install Polly, click on the triple-dot menu in any chat, search for “polly”, and select result for Polly inContinue reading “Microsoft Teams – Ask Questions with Polly”

AJAX Request Interceptor

This is a little funky script to intercept AJAX requests and raise a simple custom event for everything else in your app to listen to. To use this, you just need to listen for a custom event named `AjaxDetected`. The method, url, and any data is passed in the event detail. document.body.addEventListener(‘AjaxDetected’, function (e) {Continue reading “AJAX Request Interceptor”