Steve Fenton

The wrong image seems to be selected from a picture element

This post started as a scratch pad as I was looking at helping a colleague implement WEBP images with a JPG fallback for older browsers. They had an issue in modern browsers because the fallback image was being loaded in all cases. Here’s a code example and demo: <picture> <source height=”500″ width=”500″ src=”webp.webp” type=”image/webp”> <source […]

Introducing an async pipeline in C#

Pipelines are an interesting way to implement your code to prevent complex inter-relationships between components. Having used pipelines on some simple synchronous code, I wanted to see what happens when you try it with async code. Using a real app is a useful way to explore this, but I warn you now; there are some […]

The Productivity Offset Law

Justin Etzine had a thought about Engineer’s Lunch Law, which he described in the following terms. I have a theory. Call it: Engineer’s Lunch Law. If you get lunch at 11 instead of noon, you can enjoy an hour of uninterrupted productivity from 12-1. – Justin Etzine via Twitter Etzine’s Law There is something about […]