Software Developer Interviews

There is a big difference between interviewing for a Theory-X company and a Theory-Y company. The good news is that when you are looking for a Theory-Y company; you don’t need to worry about adjusting your style based on the organisation. Let’s look at the traditional Theory-X interview first. This is the one they trained […]

Decision Burnout

You might not notice it, but you may be making hundreds – or even thousands – of decisions everyday. Unchecked, these decisions will burn you out. Sometimes it is the number of different decisions that causes the damage, in other cases it is the constant churn of a single decision that roasts your ability to […]

Sources of Risk

In software development, there is a simplistic model that says that risk is a function of time, or money. Lots of graphs have been published to show that as the duration of a project increases, so does the risk… or as the cost of the project increases the risk goes up. Of course, in many […]