Bouncy Monitoring

Bouncy monitoring can sometimes be down to real events occurring in your system, but when it looks as regular as the image below – it probably isn’t! The yellow line in that image is suggesting that the free memory on a machine is chugging along like an alarmed rabbit’s heartbeat. What this actually means is […]

Tabs vs Spaces

This isn’t actually another source of ignition for the endless flame war. Whichever side of the eternal flaming pit of tabs vs spaces you find yourself, Visual Studio Code will live by your decision. By default, it runs on “auto” mode, which means your code is like a box of chocolates… but you can fix […]

Useful Apache Mod Rewrite Rules

I recently migrated my website to a different platform. I anticipated that this would require some redirection rules to send people to the correct content on the new website, but I failed to anticipate that number of links to legacy files (like some jQuery plugins and their static HTML example pages). As a result, I […]