Visual Studio Selection Tricks

I find myself in the midst of one of those rote programming jobs that feels very tedious. Despite this, I am harnessing the opportunity of busy hands, idle mind to find a few handy tricks to speed things up. CTRL + Click selects “whole words” in Visual Studio. You can drag with this short-cut to […]

Live Server CPU Spikes

We are monitoring a number of live servers, which we have grouped by role. This let’s use spot outlying servers pretty easily. The below graph shows the free CPU on one group of servers, with one obvious outlier. In our case, a quick glance at the box told us this wasn’t anything particularly suspicious – […]

The Rockstar Programmer Stereotype

The term “Rockstar Programmer” label has been going back and forth for a while now. It started with people recruiting for “Rockstar Programmers”, then went into backlash with people bemoaning why you would want someone opinionated and difficult. Working in a room with single minded, opinionated and difficult colleagues does not make a great team, […]

The No Estimates Philosophical Divide

The key arguments on #NoEstimates reflect a split between social responsibility and corporate responsibility. They are not mutually exclusive. What I mean is, there is a philosophical difference between the two main threads of argument when #NoEstimates comes up. Let’s begin with a quick recap for anyone who hasn’t spotted the discussion. The #NoEstimates hash-tag […]