Steve Fenton

HTML5 Url Input Can be Quite Strict

Following on from my articles on HTML5 Forms, I have been busy trying things out in various browsers, old and new. I have noticed that the input of type “url” in HTML5 is being validated pretty strictly by some browsers. For example, the following is treated as valid input: But none of these are: […]

Using NCover Exclusions with MSBuild

I have previously discussed adding NCover to MSBuild and also how to get trend reporting as part of the NCover MSBuild target. Let’s add to all of that by filtering the NCover results to exclude stuff that you don’t want in your coverage reports. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t exclude code unless […]

HTML5 Form Elements New Attributes

One of the most inspiring sections of Tech Days in London today was the introduction to HTML 5 form elements, part of Bruce Lawson’s presentation. Bruce introduced many of the new form elements and also touched on the new attributes you can use in conjunction with the new types. Essentially, you now have input types […]

HTML5 Forms Special Input Elements

Continuing my thread of HTML5 form goodies, this article concentrates on some new input elements. In particular, we are going to look at email, web address, search and colour inputs. Email The email input is useful for several reasons. Firstly, the browser can take care of validating that the input is a valid email address. […]

HTML5 Forms Date Input Elements

The third section of my over-excited journey into HTML5 forms deals specifically with date-related input elements. You may have already heard that there is a date-picker input type, but there is more on offer than just a boring old date-picker. We have lots of different date inputs and we also have some attributes to help […]

HTML5 Forms Number Input Elements

I have been looking in detail at HTML 5 forms and in particular at some of the new attributes, special input types and date-related input types. In this post I’m going to look at some numeric input types in HTML 5. Number The number input type is designed to accept numeric input and provides an […]

HTML5 Forms Summary

n case you’ve missed it, I’ve been talking about the new HTML 5 forms goodies. You can catch up by checking out the demo and these handy articles on the specific topics I’ve covered. I have divided the information into attributes, special input types, date-related input types and numeric input types – but don’t be […]

The 1024 Byte Parable

So I ended up buying everyone cakes. How on Earth did that happen? Sadly, it happened all too easily and I have to put my hands up to two mistakes made along the way. I was investigating an error that occurred in a software system and at the all important point I was examining some […]