Steve Fenton

Dashes vs Underscores in Web Addresses

Google have confirmed that they treat dashes (-) and underscores (_) differently when they index your website in preparation of people searching for your awesome content. The difference is subtle, but important. Let’s explore it with a simple example. The example is: Your-Article-Name – or with underscores, Your_Article_Name The first example, Your-Article-Name, is treated by […]

What is the Difference Between Symbol, Branch, and Method Code Coverage

If you are using a code coverage tool, you will be familiar with the terms “Symbol Coverage”, “Branch Coverage” and “Method Coverage”. Each of these usually has its own statistic to demonstrate how much coverage you have, for example these coverage results from an application I am currently writing. Symbol Coverage: 99.12% (112 of 113) […]

Do I Need to Validate My HTML

I get asked this a lot. Seriously. Do I need to validate my HTML (or XHTML). The answer is 100%, categorically yes. You should validate your HTML when you write a page. You should validate it each time you change you page. Sometimes you should validate it even when you haven’t changed your page. Valid […]

HTML5 Video In Real Life

Update! Here are the results of a full test using a mark-up only HTML5 video demo from Bruce Lawson. Browser Version Plays Format Total Loads Safari 5.0.5 (7533.21.1) Yes turkish.mp4* 1 full Firefox 4.0.1 Yes turkish.ogg 1 full 3 partial Opera 11.11.2109 Yes turkish.webm 1 full IE 9.0.8112.16421 Yes turkish.mp4 1 full 1 partial Chrome […]