Programmer Events

I’ll update this page with any programmer events that I’m running, attending, or speaking at.


August 2019

21st August 2019 (Wednesday): Test Automation with Visual Studio (Free) Book on Eventbrite
Using test-first techniques in Visual Studio and .NET.

July 2019

31st July 2019 (Wednesday): Basingstoke Coding Dojo (Free) Book on Eventbrite
Write an app using TDD in Microsoft Visual Studio.

April 2019

2nd April 2019 (Tuesday): Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event (Free) Book on Eventbrite
Watch the launch event for Visual Studio 2019 live.

Black Hole Of History

I used a paid events app to track events from 2015-2019 and I deleted my subscription. Sorry if you were looking for something that happened in this timeframe.


15th January 2015: Code Kata


25th June 2014: TypeScript and Jasmine
11th April 2014: Process Kata
3rd March 2014: API Testing with JMeter
13th February 2014: JavaScript Bad Stuff and Good Stuff


18th November 2013: Impact Mapping – Why?
17th November 2013: TypeScript – Big JavaScript
19th September 2013: Group Refactoring Kata
12th September 2013: Code Kata
28th August 2013: Code Kata
30th July 2013: Code Kata
24th June 2013: Unity IOC
23rd May 2013: Estimation vs Sizing
8th May 2013: Truth, Mistakes and Lies in TDD
22nd January 2013: Pomodoro Technique in 25 Minutes
10th January 2013: HTML5 and NEWT


30th November 2012: Attacking Websites
19th November 2012: Attacking Websites
19th October 2012: Introduction to TypeScript
21st June 2012: Create An HTML5 Phone App In Under An Hour
22nd March 2012: Pomodoro Technique in 25 Minutes
12th January 2012: JavaScript – Things That Might Surprise You
5th January 2012: SOPA – A Balanced View


24th November 2011: TDD – Discuss!
10th November 2011: Code Kata
27th October 2011: HTML5