Privacy Policy

I’m not a business, I’m a human.

I don’t collect data for marketing purposes, although you can buy my books if you choose to look at them and buy them.

My website uses a Content Management System (CMS) that will store some cookies, but not anything containing personal data. I use some CMS extensions that protect my website from malicious web traffic and they have a privacy policy to cover how they use data.

The tools provided for free by Google allow me to find errors on my pages and get a general idea of how the population of awesome web people use my website. Google have a privacy policy that covers how they use your data. I personally never know who you are based on the generalised data Google show me.

I receive contact forms by email and I keep them in my email archive if they say nice things. You can contact me to request that I delete all emails that you have sent. I don’t share data or use it for marketing purposes, which is why I don’t ask for your permission to do either of these things.