I have been privileged to be featured in many books, magazines, and blogs. Some of the mentions are included below.

September 2018: Goodreads

This is an excellent book if you want to get to get to know Typescript. It’s written with attention to detail, plenty of solid examples, and gives a pretty good deep dive. I know it’s a small thing, but I also appreciated the variety of quotes from old software development luminaries

Mark Nenadov on Goodreads

July 2018: Protyre Win Digital Experience Awards

Protyre picked up three Digital Experience Awards, including gold for Best Online User Experience.

We are all hugely proud to have fended off some very recognisable names to win two Gold awards including; EE, Octopus Energy and The Share Centre. 2018 continues to be a successful year for Protyre, the fastest growing fast-fit garage network in the UK


April 2018: Goodreads

This is a phenomenal book. One of the best programming books I have ever read. If you want to learn TypeScript, this is the book. I’m only mildly familiar with JavaScript, and this book was perfect for me. Absolutely brilliant. Clear, concise, easy to read, well-written. Just an all around excellent book.

Nick Hodges on Goodreads

September 2017: React DOM – Best TypeScript Books and Tutorials

Pro TypeScript starts at the very basics of TypeScript, introducing TypeScript and all its major features. It starts with object oriented programming and compilers going through everything in between. This book covers everything you need to consider while building and running a TypeScript application. Pro TypeScript even goes into design patterns, best practices and adding automated testing to your TypeScript app.

Pro TypeScript is a great book for both beginners and advanced TypeScript developers. This is a book that is very through and is ideal for those that have no prior experience or knowledge of TypeScript. Pro TypeScript is a practical guide to TypeScript that will take you closer to becoming a TypeScript Professional.

React DOM

2017: What Pixel – Top Ten TypeScript Books

This is perhaps one of the best books for beginners and experts alike. If you’re brand new to TypeScript you will learn everything you need by reading Pro TypeScript. The author Steve Fenton does an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals and how TS compiles down into JavaScript.

But Steve also explains specific design patterns and best practices for writing quality TypeScript code. Each chapter builds upon the last and you never feel like you’re left out to dry on your own.

What Pixel

June 2016: SC Magazine – Best Email Security Solution

Glasswall’s Email Security solution has won “Best Email Security Solution” in the SC Magazine Awards.

June 2016: ZenHub on Medium

If a developer is interrupted with a question, it could put their work back by hours for each interruption. This is because of the amount of stuff they are holding in their immediate memory while they are working on a feature. They will have parsed lots of code in the area they will be working on and will have projected their changes in their mind before they start coding and the interruption will impact their focus on this information.

Once interrupted the developer may decide to batch other interruptions like email into the break — but this elongates the gap and makes it more likely that the information will be squirrelled away into harder to access places.

ZenHub on Medium

September 2015: Clojure for Data Science

Henry Garner gives a quick mention to some of my opinions on pie charts in his Clojure for Data Science book.

July 2015: Class Four: Those Who Survive

Duncan P. Bradshaw has immortalized me in the zombie novel, Class Four: Those Who Survive. I am not one of those who survive!

Class Four: Those Who Survive, is a total blast of a novel from beginning to end and, like its predecessor, is one of the better interpretations of the zombie apocalypse.

Ginger Nuts of Horror

May 2015: Beginning Data Science with R

Manas Pathak mentions my take on pie charts in this introduction to data science and the R language, Beginning Data Science with R.

March 2015: JAXenter

Natali Vlatko talks about #NoEstimates and mentions some of my thoughts on the subject (along with those of some of the #NoEstimates thought leaders).

Fenton advises that to eventually work without estimates requires a building of trust that may not already exist, therefore you shouldn’t be aiming for #NoEstimates without it. He feels the anger that has been thrust upon the topic has come out of a misunderstanding of the framework, with people interpreting the phrase ‘some teams have found that they don’t need to use estimates’ as ‘YOU must stop using estimates’.

Natali Vlatko on JAXenter

January 2015: Rob D Moore

Rob Moore mentioned my Unit Testing Epiphany article in a post discussing Ian Cooper’s “TDD Where Did it all Go Wrong” talk.

Ian suggests that the original TDD Flow outlined by Kent Beck has been lost in translation by most people. This is summed up nicely by Steve Fenton in his summary of Ian’s talk (highlight mine)…

Rob D Moore

March 2014: Franky’s Notes

Franky kindly recommended my InfoQ book, TypeScript for C# Programmers.

Great book that in less than hundred pages, explains to me how to code in TypeScript. I feel so comfortable already I will add TypeScript in my next web project, and I will strongly recommend this book to everyone.

Franky’s Notes

February 2014: Ryan O’Neill

Ryan O’Neill reviewed my free TypeScript Succinctly ebook, available from Syncfusion.

If you just want the summary, get the book, it’s free, well written, does not waffle on (unlike myself) and gets you started with TypeScript fast. This book was my introduction to TypeScript and has enabled me to build a lot of tested JavaScript. If you are unsure if you need TypeScript then read on.

Ryan O’Neill

August 2013: Microsoft

Microsoft gave a shout-out for my free TypeScript Succinctly ebook, available from Syncfusion.

August 2013: Corrado’s Blog

Corrado reviewed my free TypeScript Succinctly ebook, available from Syncfusion.

The book doesn’t pretend to make you a TypeScript guru but its a great introduction if you want seriously mastering it, it starts from what happens under the hood: how code is transformed into pure ECMAScript compatible JavaScript and vice versa to how to start writing some code in Visual Studio after installing the required extension.


June 2013: Fokko’s View on ALM

Fokko Veegens kindly mentioned my articles on unit testing after speaking at SDN Conference.

…During my talk at the SDN conference, I told about misconceptions regarding unit testing. Some people were looking at me with a frown when I told this. I would like to refer to the blog of Steve Fenton who wrote about this subject and I rate his post on this topic quite high.


October 2012: .NET Magazine

I was quoted in an article in .NET Magazine on the new TypeScript language:

…Steve Fenton [called TypeScript] a “great new take on the JavaScript problem”, and “the first that doesn’t assume that JavaScript is a problem in the first place”. He said TypeScript “just adds some syntactic sugar that makes the development experience more productive”.

Creative Bloq (Formerly .NET Magaine)

June 2012: NewVoiceMedia

I talked to Charlie Cowen at NewVoiceMedia on how Team Elite delivered a brand new Salesforce Telephony Integration in one week.

Steve Fenton headed up the development team working on Salesforce Open CTI… I asked Steve what it was about our development methodology that meant we could deliver a fully working solution to customers in such a short time frame…

Charlie Cowen, NewVoiceMedia

February 2012: Chicago Tribune

I was honoured with a citation in the Chicago Tribune for my thoughts on Pie Charts in an article about an even more hideous variant, the beach-ball chart.

August 2011: Maca is Rambling

I was very pleased to get a double-mention in an article about the best jQuery 3D effects plugins, with Three Dee and Image Parallax both getting a mention.

June 2011: NCover

The chaps over at NCover posted a link to my blog on NCover exclusions, which described how to exclude stuff from your code coverage reporting.

October 2010: Web Design Ledger

Henry Jones published an article on 10 Fresh jQuery Plugins on Web Design Ledger, which features my Mega Select List.

August 2010: First Web Designer

I received a great write up on 1st Web Designer for my jQuery Constant Footer plugin.

I love plugins that aren’t spread out. They do only one thing, but do it as good as possible. And jQuery.constantfooter is one of those plugins

First Web Designer

May 2010: Save Delete

Save Delete published an article on the 20 best and useful jQuery plugins of April 2010 and features my Infinite Scroller. I was also lucky enough to be featured in the Save Delete Most Useful jQuery Plugins Of The Year.

April 2010: Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine published an article titled “40 Useful jQuery Techniques and Plugins” and my Two Sided Multi-Selector plugin got a great mention.

March 2010: W3 Avenue

W3 Avenue published an article dedicated to the Two Sided Multi-Selector jQuery Plugin,