Archive of Things

I have set up this page to signpost a number of archived ideas. Please don’t contact me for support as these are not commercial scripts, just ideas I have played with for various reasons. The commercial versions of these ideas are usually found elsewhere.

Old JavaScript Ideas

Many of these ideas were created to solve interim problems that were better solved by NEWT. The mobile-ready drag and drop ideas pre-date touch events. Some of the form controls and validation ideas pre-date HTML 5. Other ideas are plain frivolous – like the parallax and 3D stuff.

JavaScript Game Ideas

These ideas are just a bit of fun. They are very simple (but sometimes a little addictive). The Whack-a-Me is ideal if you don’t like me very much. The Word Grid game was used for a mobile app, where a dictionary was incorporated to validate the selections. The Slide Puzzle game was also used for a mobile app.

Other Demos

These pages were created for testing purposes.

Other Docs

These are links to some documents I created for various reasons.