Steve Fenton

How to find installed text to speech voices on Windows

I’m using a Visual Studio Code extension that provides text-to-speech, which I use as part of my VS Code writing set up. It has a simple set of two options, speed (1.5x of course) and voice, which is a text field as different options exist on different operating systems.

As I’m using Windows 11 on a Surface Book 3, I can quickly find installed voices using a PowerShell script…

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.speech
$synth = New-Object System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer
$synth.GetInstalledVoices() | foreach { $_.VoiceInfo.Name }

Running these three lines of PowerShell will give you a list such as this:

Microsoft Hazel Desktop
Microsoft Zira Desktop

Enter the full name, such as “Microsoft Zira Desktop”, in the settings for the VSCode Speech plugin settings. You should set this under user preferences, not workspace settings – as speed and voice is going to be a personal choice for your colleagues.

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