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Web select makes copy and paste easier

This is a pretty neat feature coming to Microsoft Edge. You hit CTRL + SHIFT + W and it brings up a little rectangle that you can position over some content you want to copy. If you’ve ever fought with a browser when trying to select text, but missed something like the first character – this feature solves that problem.

Web select shows a selection area on the web page

The feature also lets you sub-select across a number of vertical containers, with only the stuff inside the rectangle making it onto your clipboard. In the below example, just the highlighted content gets ripped out onto the clipboard.

Parts of content being selected from two columns in a multi-column layout

The clipboard from this screenshot has been “emptied” below so you can see the result.

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This is particularly brilliant for selecting content from tables, as shown below, and then pasted into a Word document.

Just selected cells from a table are selected

Web selected partial table pasted into Word

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