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Delete all local git branches except the main branch

If you’re a bit like me, you like to keep your desk clear. The same goes for all those pesky git branches you accumulate over time. Whether you are using Visual Studio, VSCode, or some other editor, it would be nice if you could burn it all down except for trunk.

The good news is, there’s a neat PowerShell command for this, which I’m using in Visual Studio Code to clean up my virtual desk space.

Note: please read the information about the branch name in the script to avoid deleting you main branch where it has a different name – an example is included to help.

If you want to ditch all branches except your mainline, you can run the PowerShell command below:

git branch | %{ $_.Trim() } | ?{ $_ -ne 'trunk' -and $_.Substring(0,1) -ne '*' } | %{ git branch -D $_ }

If your main branch is not called “trunk”, you just need to update your copy to use the correct name, for example the outdated “master” naming convention is shown below:

git branch | %{ $_.Trim() } | ?{ $_ -ne 'master' -and $_.Substring(0,1) -ne '*' } | %{ git branch -D $_ }

For every branch that is removed, you’ll see the message “Deleted branch branchname (was xxxxxxxx).”

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