Steve Fenton

Automatically fix your namespaces

It is pretty common to clean up a project or solution to move the class files into a better organised folder structure. When you do this, the namespaces often end up reflecting their old location, not the better new location you moved them to. The task of manually updating the namespace and then fixing all of the callers to update using statements was a bit of a pain.

In Visual Studio 2022 there is a new feature that will fix this for you automatically.

Right-click on a project or solution and select Sync namesapces. All of the namespaces will be updated to reflect the folder structure – and all of the references will be fixed as part of the process.

Sync namespaces

This is the kind of change you’ll be committing after running this tool.

Updated Namesapces

You may want to avoid using this feature on projects where you deliberately use namespaces that don’t match the folder structure, or on MVC projects. If in doubt, try it without any other local changes so you can just ditch your attempt if it causes any problems (they will manifest as build errors).

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