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New Teams insights features

This is just a quick note about some new features in Microsoft Teams. The wrapper feature is part of Microsoft Viva and is called “Insights”. Once you add it, you’ll have a new tab in Teams that has a few tools to boost your life.

There are tools to track your emotional awareness, which keeps a personal reflection history (one team I worked in used to note this on the sticky notes on their Kanban board). There are productivity reminders, helping you take breaks and look after those little grey cells. You can also use it protect your time by booking out focus time in your calendar (previously done using Cortana). There are also interaction tools, such as stay-connected reminders. The one I’m going to call out specifically is the “Praise” tool.

In here, you can send a compliment to someone in your organisation when they do something cool. I send my first one today to a colleague who did something really neat with some new analytics events we added just last week.

Microsoft Teams Praise

To anonymise this, I’ve had to remove a lot of stuff, but it let’s you say “Hey Steve, here’s some praise for you… [category, such as “Problem Solver”] + [a description of how awesome you think Steve is]” – as you probably aren’t in my organisation, you won’t be able to do this, but I know I’m great already.

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