Steve Fenton

Pretty output from JSON.stringify

We all like to log stuff out sometimes and it would be nice if it were as readable as possible when we do. If you are using JSON.stringify to drop out some values and are tired of getting a long line of text, here’s a simple way to get pretty printed output without adding any external libraries to prettify it.

When you call stringify, like below, you get a long string of data.


{"name":"Eifel Tower","dimensions":{"height":357.5,"width":124.9}}

But there are actually two other parameters on stringify: JSON.stringify(value, replacer, space). That last one is the interesting one here, as it allows you to specify the indentation for a pretty output.

JSON.stringify(event.detail, null, 4);

    "name": "Eifel Tower",
    "dimensions": {
        "height": 357.5,
        "width": 124.9

Now we have the same output, but formatted with new lines and indentation.

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