Steve Fenton

Switch off rich link pasting in Edge

There is a cool new feature in Microsoft Edge that pastes links with rich formatting. If you copy a link from the page or from the address bar, it will paste in a rich format, so instead of seeing you’ll see Example Website ( and it will already be linked to your selected destination. You can choose to “Paste as Plain Text” in applications that give you that option.

However, if you’re old-school, technical, or just plain obstinate like me, you might need to share the actual URLs more often than you want to share nicely formatted links. You can get back to plain old addresses by updating the Share Copy Paste settings (edge://settings/shareCopyPaste) in your browser. Just choose “Plain Text” and you’ll be back to your old ways in no time.

Select "Plain Text" To Switch Off Rich Links in Edge

Equally, if you find you want to upgrade your experience, you can visit that same settings page to select “Link” mode.

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