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Awesome Microsoft Edge vertical tabs

I’ll be honest, it has taken a day or two to retrain my cerebellum for this one, but it is totally worth it. Modern day displays happen to be wider than you need. Horizontal real estate is in surplus and is cheap, but vertical space is more valuable. That’s why Microsoft Edge is getting a feature called Vertical Tabs. Which is easier shown than told, so let’s take a look.

Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs

That’s the beauties. They sit quietly down the side of your screen, giving you a few extra prime vertical pixels for the web page. You can fit quite a lot of tabs down this list, which you can set to expand and collapse. To show it for scale, this is the whole screen with the tabs in minimal mode:

Minimal Vertical Tabs

And this is the screen with them expanded. You can keep them expanded if you prefer.

Expanded Vertical Tabs

Enable Vertical Tabs in Edge

You can enable vertical tabs by visiting edge://settings/ and doing a quick search for “vertical tabs”.

Edge Setting for Vertical Tabs


Day one of enabling this was painful for me. While I understood the benefits, my brain thinks it knows where to click for tabs and it’s been convinced over the years that it’s at the top of the screen. However, the more I use the feature, the more natural it feels. The brief disruption of the learning curve is entirely worth it. If you aren’t running Microsoft Edge, you can download Edge Browser from the Microsoft website.

This is one occasion where we can all agree that tabs are better when they use less spaces (sic).

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