Steve Fenton

Datadog notes

When you think about Datadog, you are very often thinking about charts. Which visualisations will bring forth insights from your metrics. What actionable information can you present on your wallboards. What you might not be thinking about is the humble subject of Datadog notes.

You can add notes to your dashboard using the Edit Dashboard screen, where notes has a prominent placement.

Datadog Notes Toolbar

The notes dashboard widget just lets you describe the information you are presenting. It works really well when placed right next to thing it explains, like this:

Datadog Notes

That grey box with text in is your note. It can help people understand the intent of a chart, or direct them to the action that the chart might prompt.

The Datadog Notes widget is a simple item you can add to your dashboards, but it is also one that ought to be used a little more.

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