Steve Fenton

SQL Server: Quickly find row counts and table size

I have a script I use to find table sizes in SQL server. Sometimes, though, I need to find the rough table size of a massive table without the need for absolute precision.

SQL server has a procedure for finding out the number of rows, space, and index size of a table; and it can run very quickly even for massive tables. It retrieves summary information, so it won’t give you a perfect and precise number.

Here is an example:

sp_spaceused MyMassiveTable

And the output is similar to the below made up result:

name               rows                 reserved           data               index_size         unused
------------------ -------------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
MyMassiveTable     113572103            477067904 KB       672320720 KB       5505568 KB         841616 KB

This mechanism will return a result in under one second, whereas a “proper” COUNT could take much longer.

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