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Principles of Object-Oriented Living (OOL)

Principles of Light and Colour

I thought I’d have a bit of fun applying Uncle Bob’s SOLID Principles to life. Obviously, this is a metaphor that could be stretched too far; but here are the principles of object-oriented living. If you aren’t familiar with these principles as applied to programming, you probably ought to start with Uncle Bob’s article linked above.


You have been given a tiny fraction of the Universe’s energy and one day you’ll give it back. What you do with it today is your sole responsibility. The values and principles you use to direct the energy are yours to decide. When you are undertaking any task or activity, that is your single responsibility at that time; so be present in the moment and focus your whole self.


The past is closed to change, but open to extension.


Whatever you do, be replaceable by someone else. Being indispensable is captivity, not freedom.


Don’t be afraid to draw clear boundaries between the time you give to others and the time you give to yourself. Your time is unknown, but finite. You choose what to do with it.


Don’t be dependant on people, or allow people to be dependant on you. Guide relationships through independence to interdependence.

Object-Oriented Living

And that’s OOL in a nutshell.

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