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TypeScript is five years old today

Five years ago today (1st October 2012), Microsoft publicly announced the TypeScript programming language. I was overjoyed, as I had been looking at Coffescript and Dart, but TypeScript looked different.

“…TypeScript reviews appeared positive, with developer Steve Fenton calling it a ‘great new take on the JavaScript problem’, and ‘the first that doesn’t assume that JavaScript is a problem in the first place’. He said TypeScript ‘just adds some syntactic sugar that makes the development experience more productive’.”

My enthusiasm for the language has grown as it has matured. Being able to see the thought process under-the-hood of the language design has helped me to better understand programming languages in general. You’d be hard-pressed to find a smarter team working on any programming language. On top of this, it has the backing of Microsoft, the seal-of-approval of Google’s Angular team, and the transparency of a true open-source approach.

TypeScript is no longer simply a route into JavaScript for programmers of other curly-braced languages; it is now a mature language with unique features and its own paradigms.

Pro Typescript, Second Edition

To celebrate the fifth official birthday, I thought I’d let the cat out of the bag… I am deeply buried in an update to Pro TypeScript that will introduce all of the new language features that have been added since the first edition. I am also adding content to cover usage patterns that hadn’t emerged when I wrote the first book.

The chapter on language features is getting a substantial update, and there is a great deal of new content in this edition.

  • Coverage of major changes to modules, namespaces, and module loading
  • New guidance on how to use inference to reduce the effort of using the language
  • Recommendations on compiler options
  • A wide range of feature updates, including intersections, tuples, async/await, and updates on mixins (and lots more!)

The re-write is still a substantial work in progress, so I don’t have a release date yet. I will update everyone as soon as I know when the book will be available.

Pro TypeScript Second Edition Preview

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